Photos of our Life ~~ Sheila & Ed



The Heritage Schooner taken from the Breakwater @ Rockland


We are finally Home and Ed has an appointment with a local Hand Specialist on Thursday! As far as I understand he will remove the stitches as well as determine future treatment. Thanks for all of your support!



Ed @ Penobscot Med Center



The Breakwater at Rockland, ME


Ed and I have been visiting this area for a few days now. Some of you have seen my post on FB of Ed in the hospital! It was this breakwater that he fell on. He’s back in the motor home with me now after a two day stay in Penobscot Bay Medical center and he also got the. Hence to see their Operating Room! They put 11 pins in his wrist!

110. Calm

Ed and I travel along this road in a local town quite often.  We have looked at this aqueduct and said “we should stop and photograph it” but kept putting it off because there is not an easy place to stop.  Well, we were going by and it was so calm I just had to stop and I took the hike back to get it.  I think it was worth it.




Two boats in the dory yard that were in very rough shape.  The image was cropped only.


How can you get anything more lacy than a many wedding gowns…..