Photos of our Life ~~ Sheila & Ed

January Themes

Three in a Row


6. Destruction

This is the aftermath of the fire last evening.  It was our neighbors home and no one was hurt.

The Old Mill — Covered Bridge Entrance

Old Mill Goose drying his wings

This was a fun shoot, they were eating and then came over to the end of the dam to clean themselves and I thought if I just watch them for a while – they will have to open their wings! Low and behold this is what I waited for!

Old Mill Duck

Or was it Old MacDonald had a farm!

Old Mill, Westminster, MA

Karen gave you a peek yesterday of the Old Mill thru the millstone. I used a berry bush and tree to frame my shot. More to come, as we had a great day at the mill.


This was taken at the Crazy Horse Museum. I loved the colours that this tribal group uses for all of the beading that they do. Every bottle is full of seed beads.