Photos of our Life ~~ Sheila & Ed


5. Fire

Our neighbors house was destroyed by fire last evening.  No one was hurt but it took close to an hour to put the fire down.  Below are a couple of  pictures from a very long hour.



Wright Patterson Museum — a walk back in time.

I was looking thru the archives today because it’s been such a cold, raw day, I felt like taking a trip back thru time. This was a visit to the Wright Patterson Museum in Dayton, OH. Ed and I would go back there in a heart beat.

#4 Silhouette

#3 Groups

As most of you already know, Ed and I went to North Conway, NH to ride a steam train.  This picture depicts one stop where we have a “Group” of photographers lined up to get an image of the Steam Train coming by us.  This particular train ride called “Steam in the Snow” is set-up explicitly for rail enthusiasts and photographers.  They did 5 “run-bys” so that we could take great pictures.  I processed this in OnOne Perfect Suite with photo effects to bring out the grittiness and then applied a frame as well.  This image was taken by Ed.

#2b Crop recommended by Steve and Karen

Karen and Steve — what do you think — is this more like what you envisioned?


#2a — Mountain Shot — Would you crop this?

When Ed and I were taking the pictures of Mt Washington it was a quick, get it before the light goes off the mountain but in those very few minutes you have to decide what do you want to show.  My post #2 was to show how impressive the light on the mountain could be.  My thoughts on 2a are the first is to show just how far I away I was when I took the shot and still how impressive the light is.  I was then looking at this image and thought — should I take out the snow in the foreground?  What do you think?  Leave it in or take it out?  Let me know your reasoning — I would sincerely appreciate the input.


#2 Mountain

This is the grand daddy mountain of the Northeast  Mt. Washington.    Ed and I were driving by an observation point on our way thru North Conway, NH and couldn’t turn around fast enough.  We did not want to miss the light on the mountain.  The light disappeared in about 4 – 5 minutes as the large cloud cover moved in.  I processed this 3 shot HDR using HDR Efex Pro.

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft (1,917 m), famous for dangerously erratic weather. For 76 years, a weather observatory on the summit held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth’s surface, 231 mph (372 km/h) (or 103 m/s), on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. It was known as Agiocochook, or “Home of the Great Spirit”, before European settlers arrived.

The mountain is located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, in the township of Sargent’s Purchase, Coos County, New Hampshire. While nearly the whole mountain is in the White Mountain National Forest, an area of 59 acres (0.24 km2) surrounding and including the summit is occupied by Mount Washington State Park.