Photos of our Life ~~ Sheila & Ed


62. Entrance

This is the entrance to our Edgemere Drive In – which has gone by the wayside.  I don’t think we have any active Drive In Theaters any longer.  I used 3 bracketed exposures to try to get some more detail.  The blue of the sky against the blue sign was very difficult to make sure they were separated.


61. Unforgettable

This is a picture that I have taken in the past — but it is perfect for the theme of unforgettable.  Ed and I went to Scotland in 2008 and we just found everything about our trip unforgettable.  This image is taken in Ullapool which is on the Northwest shore of Scotland.  I thought would try out my new OnOne Software and learned some new things today.  This was done with PhotoTune.

60. Purple

Yesterday I noticed these crocus had emerged from their winter hiding place.  I used Topaz Adjust, Simplify and added a on-one frame called Dave Cross-1.  My reason for the processing is that my garden area is still awful looking.  The snow has only been gone a few days and there are leaves and rocks and all sorts of “Yucky” stuff around and I didn’t want it to show.

59. Spring

Yesterday we decided that since Spring is here — we must be able to canoe.  The ice in our cove had started to break up but was still tough to paddle thru in a few places.  We tried to get out into the main body of the lake but it was still solid.  At least we got in the canoe!

58. Reflection of Worcester City Hall

This reflection was caught in the modern building behind City Hall in the last post.

57. In the City

On our photowalk downtown Worcester Karen and I found many things to photograph in the city.  This is Worcester City Hall the heart of downtown Worcester!  I love the old against the new in the background.

56. Creepy

I have always found dark and dreary alleyways a little bit creepy.