Photos of our Life ~~ Sheila & Ed


55. Challenge or Challenging

I don’t know about any of you — but I find these chess pieces help because I definitely find this game challenging!  Ed took this one at the Higgins Armory children’s room.


54. Symmetrical

During our photo walk this week, I zoomed in on the side of our City Hall building.  It definitely shows Symmetrical.  I used Topaz Clean and cropped.

53. Art

Karen B and I went into Worcester for a Photo Walk and to Visit a Gallery.  This was on one of the walls as we were walking thru the city.

Chloe for Ellen





52. G is for Graffiti

I have been holding  this image for quite sometime and have really wanted to show it.  This was taken in London a couple of years ago before I knew about Topaz or any of the filters!  It was quite the scene with these walls.  I know we are supposed to be doing only 2011 images but ……  I needed something exciting and colorful.

51. D is for Drive Thru

This is not your typical Drive Thru as there is no pick-up window and no bank teller.  It is an insurance company.  Who knew!  I love what they have done to the  lovely window on the side of the building.

50. A is for Advertising

This is that same town as in the lasts picture with some of the old advertising on the side of the building.