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1. Eyes — Happy New Year

Happy New Year all.  I hope you have started your new year better than Ed and I — we both have awful colds!   This is an ornament on our Christmas Tree which will be coming down today!  I can tell you I feel like it looks….



Original per Julie's request.

The theme is Textures.  I chose this particular picture because of the many textures it represents.

1.  The area surrounding the Geyser is very crusted with calcium;

2.  The texture of the trees;

3.  The textures in the mountains; and

4.  The softness of the clouds.

I have processed in Photoshop with a technique taught by Scott Kelby at a workshop I went to recently in Boston, it is a way to make it look like HDR but not be HDR.

We are on our way to a very Picturesque New Year!