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55. Challenge or Challenging

I don’t know about any of you — but I find these chess pieces help because I definitely find this game challenging!  Ed took this one at the Higgins Armory children’s room.


39. M is for Museum

Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts

37. Shiny

Another from Higgins Armory.  This was a great image taken by Ed.  A Carabinier’s Armor which is cavalry equipped with firearms.

35. J is for Jousting

33. Powerful

This image was taken at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester.  Ed, Karen and I went on another outing — we are having such a blast!  This is three images combined as you can imagine the light was interesting but tough to work with.  This was also taken thru glass.  If you look (magnify) in the crook of the elbow — you’ll be surprised at the date that you see!