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74. Dusk


13. Motion

A couple of days ago we had some neighbors that decided to fly across open water with their snowmobile.  I don’t know about you but they have more adrenaline than brains!  This was taken right from our front steps.

2. Misty & Foggy

It has been very warm here the last couple of days, about 48 today.  Our lake has been frozen over for a few weeks and if you put the rain, warmth and the ice together you get fog and mist.  How perfect could that be?

Water Levels March vs December 2010

These first two were taken in March when the levels were extremely high.  We had to put cement blocks on the docks to keep them from floating away.  The second two were taken on Christmas Day — they have been lowering the level in the lake to hopefully rid it of some of the vegetation growing on the bottom.  They feel if they can freeze it — it won’t grow back.   We’ll just have to wait and see.


March 2010

March 2010






December 2010

December 2010




I know many of you have seen parts of this scene before.  Where we live is such a wonderful place because it takes on many faces.  This was taken by Ed very early in the morning.  It was very foggy and the light had not come up completely yet.  I used Topaz Simplify 2 – Painting and Watercolor to soften the look.

Doors & Windows

This morning it is cold, windy and snowing here in Massachusetts.  My computer is located in a room that has 3 sides of windows and doors.  As I was sitting here reading and enjoying all of the pictures on-line I thought — I have the perfect picture for the theme — Doors & Windows — they are all around me.  So hope you’ll enjoy my view as much as I do everyday.