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71. Black & White

This Barn was taken on our recent trip to Missouri.

67. Green

As you can tell I had an absolute blast working with all of the old vehicles that I found in Missouri.  This Jeep really means something to me.  I grew up on a lake in New England and one of my parents friends (Henry, who is not with us anymore) would drive his Jeep (same color) out onto the lake and plow it for us.  He was a wonderful friend and loved helping to keep us kids doing what we loved best in the Winter and that was skating on the lake.

66. On A Farm

Can you see my face?

This was an interesting part of our ride around the dirt roads in Missouri.  We came up on the side of this barn and moved around toward the front — from this perspective it look like the barn had a face.  As I came around the front I found out that it is an active barn on an active farm and their were cows in the barn.  Wow — I thought it was close to falling in — but I guess not!

65. Wheels


Wheel(s) and Red too!



64. Gate

63. Hiding

This Box Turtle was crossing the street in the backwoods of Missouri.  Ed took these two on one of our exploration rides.  The first image the turtle was totally enclosed in his box.  The second he was face to face with Ed.


Hiding away!

Face to Face